CCM is the most modern Model Agency Booking Software available in the market. For over six years in the European market, our system provides ease and efficiency to the management of your agency. Please take a few moments to get to know our software, you will be surprised with what it can do for your Agency!
  • Intuitive and simple

    With a very simple and intuitive interface, CCM booking software has an easy navigation and usability for making your life much better!
  • Always available

    No installation required. Access the software from anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet, 24/7.
  • Your data protected

    CCM is a very secure system. Only users with access can view the information of your agency.
  • All-in-One solution

    CCM allows you to efficiently manage model's JOBS, Castings, Options, Bookings, Finances etc, allowing more organization and clarity for your agency.
  • Mailing

    You can send emails to groups of users (clients, photographers, models, etc) directly from the system.
  • Agenda

    The system has a calendar that allows you to easily manage any appointments of all models and even bookers!
  • Customization on demand

    Our system meets 100% of your needs? If not, give us your feedback and requirements and we will adapt it to meet your needs.
  • Optional Website

    You do not have a website? Or you are not satisfied with your current one? Try out one of our beautiful websites that can be connected to our Modeling System, making the updates between them very fast and simple.
  • Quality Assurance

    With nearly six years of existence and activity in the European market, our modern and high-quality software will meet your expectations and make your life a lot easier!
  • Daily Backups

    For the comfort and security of our customers, we make daily backups of all your data, so in case of any need we can put it back in a few minutes.
  • Technical support

    We offer all day support at your jetlag, either by Skype, MSN...” to “We offer all day support according to your time zone by Skype, MSN....
  • Ask for a free demo

    Ask one of our representatives to contact your Agency for a guided DEMO visit so you can know a bit more about the improvements that our CCM can provide for your agency.
  • Accountancy

    Manage your invoices, payments, expenses, commissions, chart of accounts, bookkeeping and banking integration (WINBOOKS™ and others).
  • Cloud

    All your data on the cloud for best performance. Your contacts and events easily shared and synchronized between iPhone, Android, Outlook, Mac, etc…
  • And still more

    - Send packages with photos and videos in HD. - Multi-languages. - Social media integration: Twitter and Facebook. - Several types of statistics and reports to give you a full vision of your business!


See below screenshots of our system:


Want to learn more and know all the features of our system? Contact us for a free demo or a price offer.

Where are we?

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